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Fined $2500, Suspended: full - 45 days, Horse disqualified - Placed 8, Purse redistributed Mr. Barnard was the trainer of the horse PHONE TERROR for the 4th races on January 27,2014 at the Meadows. Blood and urine samples collected (post race) from PHONE TERROR were tested and found to contain Pemoline. Split samples were tested by Industrial Laboratories and the presence of Pemoline was confirmed. As the trainer, Mr. Barnard is responsible for the positive test. Mitigating factors were considered in reaching the judges decision in the case. During the time of suspension all horses owned or trained by Mr. Barnard shall also be suspended unless transferred to an owner or trainer in good standings. All of Mr. Barnard owner/trainer transfers must be approved by the PHRC judges at the Meadows or the PHRC. 7/10/2014