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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding any of the races or any of the decisions made by the Judges during live racing at The Meadows, please email our Presiding Judge at .

Please include the race date, race number and your reply email address along with your request.

General questions regarding the rules and/or regulations of racing may be addressed also.

Allow 2-4 days for a response.


A driver is allowed to "hit" a pylon without any penalty or disqualification, however, if a driver goes inside of one or more pylons AND GAINS AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE such as moving into the passing lane prior to reaching the actual passing lane, or going inside of one or multiple pylons around the last turn thereby shortening the track covered, those would warrant disqualification ONLY IF the length won by was close. If the horse won by open lengths then we would not consider that horse gained an advantage that would have affected the outcome of the race/results and would not disqualify the horse but the driver would be fined.

We are very consistent in these types of judgment calls so you can expect to see this in all the calls we make on the pylons.

I hope this helps you better understand the regulations that are put in place to protect the betting public and participants. Some may not agree but as I said we will be constant with these calls.

Thank you for your support of racing at The Meadows and we appreciate your input.

Robert Coberly, Presiding Judge