mychoice offers the richest rewards program featuring extraordinary benefits - from luxury Mercedes-Benz® leases, Las Vegas getaways and personal casino hosts to VIP lounges and rollover points, your best choice is always mychoice!

We’re pleased to announce that mychoice launched at The Meadows on January 23, 2018! Here’s some information to help answer any questions you may have.

We want to give our guests the best experience here at The Meadows and that includes the best loyalty program. We think you’ll find the new program very exciting. You’ll get all the benefits you’ve been receiving, plus some exciting new rewards!

You can read about the program and all of its amazing benefits by visiting or by picking up a brochure at the player’s club.

After January 23rd guests will need to get a new card. You can stop by the player’s club (now the mychoice center) and get a new card.

When mychoice lauched in January, your tier was based on 2017 play - both at the Meadows and any play at other mychoice casinos. Guests have the rest of the year to play to reach the highest tier possible and earn all the great benefits of mychoice!

That’s one of the great things about mychoice - you’ll be able to use the mychoice player’s card at other Pinnacle Entertainment casinos! So, points earned at other mychoice casinos will add up to determine your tier.

When mychoice launched, remaining points were transferred over to mycash so guests didn’t lose a thing. mycash can be redeemed for free play, retail, dining comps, and more.

Tier points at The Meadows are earned at the following rates:

You can read about mychoice on, pick up a brochure at the Players Club, or ask a host.