Congratulations to Anne from Coraopolis on
her $5,124.32 win!
Congratulations to Janet from Bethel Park on
her $42,620.75 win!

Congratulations to Karen from Washington on
her $12,355.04 win!

Congratulations to William from Pittsburgh on
his $13,038.73 win!

Congratulations to Kristen from Canonsburg
on her $22,236.48 Race to Riches jackpot win!



Win up to $50,0000 playing your favorit games
NO Special Wagers
NO Special Denominations
NO Special Combinations

Here is how it works
1. Select any game in High Limit Slots or The Clubhouse
2. Play like normal with your card inserted
3. Win lots of Cash and Slot FreePlay SM

Prizes MUST hit by…
WIN: $5,000 to $50,000
PLACE: $1,000 to $5,000
SHOW: $500 to $2,500
SCRATCH: $50 to $300

The closer it gets to the MAX…the better your chances!!!
Big things are happening at The Meadows Racetrack & Casino... and when we say big, we mean BIG! Big contests and BIGGER prizes! You could grab a piece of the excitement every time you visit with Race to Riches!

All jackpots are RANDOMLY awarded!

Race to Riches FAQ

How Do I Win?
Actively play on machines High Limits or The Clubhouse with your card inserted. There are four jackpots, each set with a maximum it can reach before it MUST pay out. A jackpot CAN NOT exceed the GUARANTEED prize amounts. This means that if the WIN Jackpot is at $49,990 and it HAS to pay by $50,000 that it WILL hit within the next $10. The closer a Jackpot approaches to its max, the more likely it will hit.

Do I have to play a specific machine to participate?
Yes, you must play on a machine in High Limits Slots or the Clubhouse

Do I have to play a minimum amount of money?
No. ANYONE can win whether they play a penny, nickel, quarter, dollar or more.

Does it matter what type of machine I play?
No. As long as it is in High Limit Slots or the Clubhouse, it does not matter if it is Double Diamond, Sizzling 7's or any other machine.

How can I tell the Jackpot Amount Levels?
Displays throughout High Limits Slots and the Clubhouse provide an up-to-date display of the four jackpots amounts as well as our Race to Riches page on our website.

How can I tell if I won?
The machine you are playing will enter a Celebration Mode requiring a Hand Pay for WIN or requiring you to acknowledge and accept the Slot FreePlaySM Prize for PLACE, SHOW or SCRATCH. And the display screens showing the four jackpot amounts will go into a 'Celebration Mode'.